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Japanese Carved Wood Uba Noh

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768 pages

Heaven has a face, so does hell, the art of the Noh mask

Creator: Stephen E. Marvin | Art - 2007-02

Uba (fcg) The word uba means old woman, so the name of this type is purely descriptive. Yasuo Nakamura noted that the sisters of a family elder were called oba in ancient Japan. ... No obvious model for this Noh mask has come to light among religious statuary, but several folk masks appear to be direct ancestors. ... Scholars at the Kyoto National Museum have dated it to the fourteenth or early fifteenth century based on the carving technique and the condition of the wood. Another ...

Publisher: Floating World Edithions

About this book
This book is a combination of artistry, design, and history of continuous usage sets the masks of the Noh theater of Japan apart from the others. The result is nearly 800 pages of text and images published in a two-volume boxed edition. The 'Volume - 1' consists of a treatise on the history of Noh and the evolution of its masks, including mask forms and functions, types and roles, nomenclature and taxonomy, mask carvers and their lineages, signatures, and other markings. It includes plot and character synopses of the plays most often staged as well as others rarely performed, with particulars about the masks used by troupes for the principle roles. The 'Volume - 2' is an album showcasing in full color over 140 of the masks of Noh, with information on their creation, character, and significance, as well as photos of their backs showing inscriptions and artists' signatures. A bibliography, glossary, and index round out this presentation.

296 pages

On life and nature in Japan

Creator: Iwao Matsūhara | History - 1964-01-01

Some may lament that most of the masterpieces of Koyetsu whether they are paintings, masks, netsuke, medicine ... Koyetsu was also a master-hand in wood- carving, as he shows not only his unrivaled skill but also an elegant taste in his woodworks. His most celebrated masterpiece of this art is the mask worn in the Noh play, "Yama Uba," literally, Old Mountain Woman, in the possession of Mr. Takashi ...

Oriental art and culture, a study of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese art

Creator: Arthur Waley | Art - 1981

He belonged to a younger branch of the richest Japanese princely family settled in Kanazawa, and himself had an annual ... For certain types, as 0 beshimi, the Shojo drunkard mask, Kurohige, Koomote, Kojo, Uba, to mention only the commonest, are ... They carved many dozens of masks, in an almost feverish activity. ... splinters of wood instead of carefully hollowing it out and thus providing the eye with a picture of animated and plastically expressive planes. ... 1 Fenollosa, Noh, p.

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